What Would You Say Teenage Self?

I want you to think back, to when you were a teenage girl… what emotions come to mind? What situations are the first to come to the forefront of your memory?

Now, image if you were a teenage girl in 2016. The worries, insecurities, questions, curiosities may be the same, but now there are arguably increased pressures on young females due to the false sense of reality created on social media and increased comparison of these sometimes distorted lifestyles.

The age old drama of teenage popularity and comparing each other to your peers, is now (scarily) measurable in the form of social media followers or likes. And this, this can play on the doubts, the insecurities of every and any teenage girl to some effect.

You are now older, which has been said to equal wiser, what lessons have you learnt and what would you say to your teenage self, 10, 20, 30 years on? And what would you say to the teenage girls of today?

Let me hear you in the response section below!

Lydia MokComment