STRONG Queens: Big Sister Project

Our ultimate goal at STRONG Girl Takeover is to get females to fall in love with fitness, get body confident and create a community where we motivate, encourage and inspire each other.

The primary objective of the project is to encourage a diverse group of young females to get body confident and fall in love with fitness. We believe that prevention is better than cure, so showing females at a younger age the health benefits of keeping active alongside the ability to develop other lifelong intangible skills such as setting goals, working through setbacks and working with teammates will improve their ability to combat the current pressures on young females.


The NHS recommends at least an hour of activity for teens a day to help stay healthy as it helps promote improved physical and mental health. The sessions will allow the girls to improve their self esteem, reduce stress, make new friends and increase focus at school as studies have shown that regular physical exercise increases brain power.

It’s evident that:

1. Social media is prevalent in society today, and it has been scientifically linked with causing depression in young girls.

2. Depression is linked with obesity in young girls.

3. Obesity is also linked with lower grades in young girls.

4. Ultimately, social media is affecting the health and education of young girls nationwide.

(Tran, M., 2014)

Therefore, by promoting an active lifestyle alongside mentoring within a comfortable environment,  this allows us to achieve the primary objective of STRONG Girl Takeover as mentioned previously.

We aim to raise funds to be able provide free sessions for a young females. In 2016 we were able to proivde sessions at the Rivergate Centre, Barking on Tuesdays at 5pm with funding from The Southern Housing Group and The O2 Think Big Project.

The sessions are run by 2 fully qualified level 3 personal trainers:


Lydia - 4 years coaching and rehabbing clients (from children as young as 5 to internationally training Olympic athletes) alongside experience in coaching and mentoring children who are under performing at schools within the Barking area.


Shaz - student in Dietetics alongside attaining a level 3 Sports Science Diploma


Rivergate Centre,

Minter Rd,



IG11 0FJ


Bus 387 or EL1 from Barking station towards Creekmouth to Rivergate Centre stop